change fontsize of all objects at once

    Aug 13 2011 | 11:10 am
    How do I change the fontsize of each object in one time? At the moment I am opening each info window and change everything there but that is quite tedious. Any easier ways?

    • Aug 14 2011 | 7:41 pm
      You could use the message e.g. (fontsize 25) and connect to the left of every object you wish to change but this could get messy...
    • Aug 14 2011 | 8:59 pm
      Select all objects (Command-A or Edit>Select All...), then open the type menu (Command-T or Object>Show Fonts...) and change the font size. Works for changing the type face too!
    • Aug 15 2011 | 7:46 pm
      go to MaxMSP -> Preferences -> Default Font Size here you can change it for whole Max/all patches.
    • Aug 16 2011 | 1:21 pm
      you can also open the Inspector for multiple objects, select which ones you want and use Command-I. What fields you can change will depend on the types of objects, but most support fontsize I believe. Also is a great way to change certain color attributes of groups of objects.
    • Aug 17 2011 | 10:53 am
      You could use the object so send a fontsize message to all objects of a particular class e.g. 'comment fontsize 20' sent to a universal will change all comments in the patch to 20 point, cheers Roger
    • Aug 17 2011 | 1:59 pm
      also, the Max Toolbox lets you send messages to any number of selected objects, no patch cords or scripting names needed.
    • Jan 10 2014 | 1:06 pm
      I just found a nice way to change ALL objects in a file which can contain many patchers.
      Open your file in Xcode. Go to find and replace, type: fontname" : " then click on the magnifier and "insert Pattern", choose "any" then add one more quote "
      you will end up with this string on your find input field: fontname" : "{ANY}"
      Then replace it by the font you want.
      This must do the trick :)