change perspective/from where the text is viewed for 3dtext

    Nov 28 2012 | 10:31 pm
    I want to the change perspective/from where the text is viewed for 3dtext. At the moment it seemd to be in the center. If i move the text upwards its viewed from below and if i move the text down its viewed from below.
    How do I change if I want it to be on top of the page but still as its viewed not at much from below as earlier. been looking in render object but cant find something. probably easy. strange cant find. any help?

    • Nov 29 2012 | 4:50 am
      Sounds like you could stand to look though the tutorials a bit more. If nothing else it might help you phrase your question a bit more clearly.
      in a 3D space you have a camera which renders to the window (viewport) and you have objects. If you move the object up, it moves up in the view port. If you move the camera up, the object moves down in your view port.
      Therefore what you need to decide is are you trying to position the objects in your scene? Or are you trying to position your camera? If you are trying to create some sort of perspective (like looking at your lettering from above even though it's positioned at the top of your screen) then you'll have to change the position and rotation of both the camera and the text.
      You can also use the lookat message to tell the camera what point in space to "look at", such as the position of your object.
      As a hint, you want to be using rotatexyz messages. They will be more like the sort of rotation you are used to dealing with (as opposed to rotation which is in Axis-angle or Quaternion).