Changing Audio Interfaces on the fly and recovering from sleep...

    Aug 28 2006 | 4:48 pm
    I realised that it is now (Max/MSP 4.6) possible to unconnect an audio
    interface, and later reconnect it, choose the driver again (still
    remains in the menu) and it works. Great!
    But there is nothing which could be done better:
    As Max obviously recognises the change of the driver (I get a message in
    the Max window). It could update the menus filled by adstatus
    automatically. That would allow to add an interface without the need of
    restarting Max. (Sure its not really urgent ;-)
    If I set the Powerbook (1.5 GHz PPC) to sleep, I still need to choose
    the driver once, to reset it and it will work after that. Wouldn't it be
    possible to automate this as well?
    Ah, when I think about it, I can patch it (with a simplified version of
    my wakemess abhaXion):
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