Changing midi note number output on a grid controller

    Mar 23 2013 | 6:18 pm
    Hello, I've been on a crash course of Max since getting M4L a couple weeks ago, and I'm setting up sub-presets on my quneo for changing note/cc/channel mapping for each sub-preset on the fly. It has a 64 button grid in the same fashion as a monome.
    I'm looking for an elegant and efficient solution for changing each note number on the grid for each sub-preset (while I can do this natively with the Quneo editor for each preset, it will be a lot quicker and simpler (in the end) to switch between sub-presets than the actual quneo presets).
    The switching sub-presets is fine, but I'm looking for a better way than setting up each note for changing (as I've already done for testing) I've looked through matrixctrl, jit.matrix, jit.cellblock and I'm not really sure what the best route is.
    Ideally what I'd like to be able to do is just have a list of numbers for each row that could be referred to ie
    [1] 64 32 33 34 55 67 88 89 [2] 99 98 97 78 2 5 8 4 etc. that would be the note output, like a text file for each sub-preset
    then I want to switch between note or cc which isn't a problem and set the midi channel for reach note as well, but since Live only internally uses midi channel 1 I'd have to have each midi channel sent to a midi track with the corresponding output channel using the api but that's a separate thing which shouldn't be too hard to do when it comes to it.
    Anyway in the meantime, what would be the best way to change each of my 64 note numbers for each sub-preset? Also for extra info, the note numbers will be triggering Clyphx x-controls which are specific control surface commands for live, which is why I'll have different sub-presets for taking care of different kinds of commands.
    Thanks for your help in advance