Changing XY Pad messages, but only one is working! Help!

    May 18 2012 | 3:25 am
    I am trying to work on a patch that will allow my nanoPAD2 to send 4 CC messages instead of two in either direction. Which means starting from center in all four directions it should send different cc messages. Please find the attached patch which I have worked upon with guidance from one of the forum member Arnaud.
    But in this only Y pad is responding! not X can anyone figure it out and upload the changed patch.
    Right now XY pad is configured to send CC0 on X pad and CC2 on Y pad.
    I want it to send CC0 from center to left side (Opposite of what is already there)CC1 from center to Top, CC2 from Center to right and CC3 from center to bottom.
    This will be part of the mapping I am working upon for the community. So for a greater good I ask for help from all fellow members. I want to include this patch with mapping on "post that allow you to use your nanoPAD as Midi Fighter 3D. with Ableton Live 8.3 (works with 8.2 also). Know more: