Cheap physical display (like an LCD strip)

    Apr 10 2012 | 1:43 pm
    This is a nice-to-have, it will depend on cost, effort whether I'll do this but...
    wouldn't it be nice to 'upgrade' cheap hardware (like behringer faders, knobs, footcontrollers) with a display, something you can glue or mount near the switches, faders, buttons and control it from Max?
    For me it would make them infinitely more useful. (well, that's pushing it. 10x more useful)
    Preferrably something that can be controlled by midi (too many things on my USB bus) but USB or Wifi would be good options too.
    Seems like most of the stuff I found when googling are still quite extensive DIY projects with DIY PCB boards.. that would be too much work, I'd never get back to making music.