chuck-max: a Max/MSP external with an embedded chuck engine


    Shakeeb Alireza
    May 28 2023 | 9:07 am
    chuck-max is a project to embed the chuck engine in a Max/MSP external.
    It currently has one external (chuck~) with the following features:
    - Generate and process audio via an embedded chuck engine by running chuck files with `global` parameters adjusted and controlled in realtime via Max messages.
    - Layer sounds by running multiple chuck files concurrently.
    - Add and remove audio and audio processes on the fly via Max messages.
    - Includes most of the standard ccrma chugins
    The project's repo is:
    While this is not a release yet of the external itself, the repo contains all of the external's dependencies and is very straightforward to compile using the standard Max SDK build system.
    PS: this is project is inspired by Professor Brad Garton's original chuck~ external for Max 5. The chuck and Max apis have changed considerably since then, so a minimal rewrite was necessary with a view to incorporating some of the original external's features eventually.
    Enjoy! S

    • Iain Duncan's icon
      Iain Duncan
      May 28 2023 | 3:04 pm
      Fantastic! This is really great work you are doing. This may actually get learning chuck to buble up high enough on my list! :-)
      Reminds me I need to do an M1 version of the Csound6 object.....
    • Shakeeb Alireza's icon
      Shakeeb Alireza's icon
      Shakeeb Alireza
      May 29 2023 | 1:50 pm
      Thanks, Iain. It's nice to work on audio externals for a change (-: