Chuck Object for Max 8

    Oct 28 2018 | 1:20 am
    Hi everyone,
    I was wondering if someone have figured out how to use the Chuck external object in Max 8 :
    Alternatively, do someone know what could be done to make it work again with the actual version of Chuck and Max 8 ?

    • Oct 28 2018 | 4:27 am
      Unfortunately Max 8 has since discontinued 32bit support and chuck~ is 32bit only.
      If you're familiar with Xcode, you could try and compile a 64bit version using the latest Max 8 API's.
      Source code for chuck~
      or alternatively, you can try running chuck on Max 7 in 32bit mode
    • Jun 22 2021 | 1:50 pm
      Raising a dead thread, wondering if anyone has since compiled chuck~ for Max 8?
    • Jun 23 2021 | 8:11 am
      +1 It could be wonderfull to resurect all these objects, sc3~, chuck~. I'm sure at 100% that they could really extends max possibilities