City safety monitoring system solution

    May 03 2012 | 9:19 am
    First, the needs analysis
    People on the safety of the city more and more attention, this is also combined with the realities caused by a growing number of scam so that people can not trust other people, urban security becomes paper, such circumstances, security monitoring played an important task of the work to the social security management. Therefore take the "road of science and technology and also in the must. Use of advanced technical means of prevention. The implementation of the organic integration of air defense and anti establishment of an effective security monitoring mechanisms, and safe city management system.
    System requirements for the collection of information:
    1, scene of the incident (video and audio information)
    2, the interaction of information between the command center (video and audio information)
    3, the professional departments of the government monitoring network video and audio information
    4, the Government has an important place for monitoring network video and audio information
    5, news and information (video / audio information)
    Monitor / command system platform requirements are as follows:
    1, the emergencies of the city to join the network visualization Emergency Command and Control.
    2, the basic units of the satisfied branch involved in the Command and Control. Can get into line real-time multi-party audio / video with communication exchanges. Higher-level units are available at all sub-units of release command instruction.
    3, each higher-level units can be remotely synchronized to see the view of all on-site real-time video images (requires authorization), you can tune to see all the videos. The parent unit can control the lower unit to check the concept of audio and video content.
    4, Command and Control process the entire audio and video recording.
    5, the system can accept audio / video signal of the television. The system can play DVD or video tapes. Can be synchronized in the system or broadcast.
    6, the system can accept the conference call access. Allow foreign units to participate in a conference call with Command and Control process.
    7, the system can play back the text, images and computer data.
    Second, the goal of building
    Building to cover the whole area of ??information exchange, resource sharing, technical compatibility, all-weather, multi-level, comprehensive electronic security system monitoring alarm systems, organic integration with the region's security security monitoring network, so that the human eye, " Eye of Heaven ", the" electronic eyes "interaction to achieve the construction, management and use of standardized overall goal.
    Completed and include: security monitoring network of law enforcement agencies, emergency response network, leadership and decision-making command network, other government agencies scheduling network, electronic security services in the social video network monitoring information network. Improve the social order, traffic safety, such as comprehensive management capabilities. Effective in preventing and combating criminal activities. Living environment for the people to live and work.
    Third, the functional requirements
    Monitor the structural model:
    1, The system uses the structure of the public security network-based video network. It consists of a video image information network video server node and client node access to the network coding terminal. Embedded DVR coding terminal software is the core of the entire monitoring network.
    2, embedded in the encoding of the DVR terminal can provide real-time, 25 / s and D1 resolution surveillance images.
    Superior platform can adjust the view of the image of the lower platform. Lower platform can not tune the image of the concept of superior platform. The same level of the platform can not be with each other to adjust the view of the respective images.
    4, when a monitoring center, to look at the image of another lower-level monitoring center B, A, as B's client node, such as branch monitoring center to look at the concept of streaming the image of the Tong police station, the branch of the monitoring center flow Tong police station monitoring center encoding the terminal client.
    5, belonging to different levels of platform monitoring center with different permissions. The higher the monitoring center of the lower PTZ control. In principle, the lower the monitoring center can not control the PTZ lens for superior monitoring center.
    6, taken before the simulation, after monitoring structural model. The system front-end analog cameras. Camera by Optical analog image signals to the Community Policing Monitoring Center. The monitoring center in the police office. Analog signal through the embedded coding terminal DVR, digital processing, the processed image format D1 high-definition screen near DVD the effect of compression formats. Community Policing to the police station, police station to the branch monitoring center of the image signal into a digital signal. This before simulation. After digital monitoring structural model not only retains the advantages of the analog control system. While avoiding the shortcomings of the analog control system in the video store. And have the characteristics of digital surveillance systems, can achieve the network computer on the point of any video surveillance monitoring and PTZ control; digital video storage, to achieve any tone of the network computer concept of the video material convenience. Video monitoring center of the image display with electronic map combination of the two-screen display. One screen to the electronic map. Click on the electronic map of a part of the relative position of the camera video image displayed on another screen.
    Fourth, the design principles
    System construction to follow the people I first, people first, I have excellent take full advantage of the security monitoring features of the electronic eye to do the security functions.