clicks everywhere

    May 03 2009 | 6:25 pm
    Hello all,
    Sorry if this has been covered a million times already - I'm sure it has - but I'm having a little problem with unwanted digital clicks.
    They come in two varieties. The first is, I assume, a failing on the part of my cheapo laptop, running Vista - basically, clicks invade my patches at all kinds of random times, making them really unusable for live performance. Any thoughts?
    The second is more about my patching skills, I guess. Every time a sound (sample or synthetic) starts or stops, there's a digital click. Now, I'm familiar with the basics of digital sound, and I know that without some sort of amp ramp (min 5 or 10ms) that the start and end of any sound there's going to be a click. Is it just a case of having loads of messy line~, *~ and 0, 1 0.05 type messages all over the place? or is there a simpler, more automatic way of doing things? Mind you, I believe I've even been hearing clicks on the start & end of silent samples, so I wonder if the clicks are coming from somewhere else....
    I'd be glad of any help, or just a point towards a previous topic covering this.
    Thanks Richard

    • May 03 2009 | 7:41 pm
      Instead of lines, you could use a rampsmooth~ object, which does basically the same thing. E.g.:
      As for the other issues: I'm not sure. But sometimes clicks come from latency problems when your processor/hard disk have trouble keeping up. Try playing with your DSP settings, especially the signal vector size. (For live performances you may want to be on the safe side there and use a high vector size. And turn on overdrive if you're only doing audio and have no important visual things going on.)