Clip automation and CC out

    Mar 02 2010 | 1:05 am
    Hi, Just bought Max for Live and I am trying to port my first patch. Thought it would be simple enough. Realised in Max for Live I could do away with most of the objects I had and essentially all I want to do is automate a single numberbox then from that, output 3 bytes of midi for each new value.
    I've got two problems. The main one being - my patch doesn't work! I must be missing something with how midi is routed in Live, my patch should be outputting NRPN data but doesn't seem to be getting to my Korg ER2 which is what i'm trying to control. (I've selected the right port and channel on the Live track.)
    Second - I've managed to automate the numberbox but only in the arrange page - please tell me it is possible to automate a parameter in the clip envelope view - my device just doesn't appear there and nor do any of the tutorial patches i've opened - automation only appears in the arrange page, not individual clip automation.
    oh - and one last thing (an ableton question). Can I zoom out vertically in an automation track on the arrange page? - at the moment I can only see about 10 values at a time and have to scroll to get higher values. Thanks.

    • Mar 02 2010 | 1:21 am
      1. So you are selecting an out port from the MIDI track in your LIve set? With your patch I can monitor the MIDI if I send it to another app. MFL sends MIDI to the track, as you have noticed, but from there you should be able to send it on out.
      2. Open the inspector of the live.numbox and select something for "Modulation Mode". This makes the parameter available for clip envelope modulation.
      3. That's something I believe is a known limitation of the LIve editor GUI currently.
    • Mar 02 2010 | 8:45 am
      Great! Thanks Andrew. The clip automation is working and I'll have to check the midi-out out when I get home. Pity about the Live GUI, however I did find a workaround - just change the type to float and it will sit nicely in both the clip and arrange automation. I'll just need to number box afterwards.
      Which lead me to realise - my patch isn't even utilising the NRPN's.
      This is less a of Max problem for me than a lack of understanding about nrpn's. I'm guessing simply changing 127 to 16383 probably wouldn't work. How would I "interlace" values from 0 - 16383 between the MSB and the LSB? if in fact that is how NRPN's work. Is it just a matter of using modulo [%] and a [counter] or do NRPNs work a different way?
    • Mar 02 2010 | 8:40 pm
      To be honest I'm not even sure if you can output NRPNs from Live.
      Does anyone know?
    • Mar 02 2010 | 9:36 pm
      Live can, at least, record NRPNs. But I don't know if it can output them.
    • Mar 02 2010 | 10:39 pm
      Live's recording of NRPN's, at least for automation - is clunky, since it all gets automated on the same track. And trying to record another parameter overwrites the previous recording. You need Max to isolate the right CC element of the NRPN to record discreet automation.
      Does sending midi out through a Live track filter it or slow midi down?
      My understanding is that NRPNs are simply multiple CC messages - so if max can construct them so a piece of hardware can interpret them - Max for Live should be able to output the NRPNs through a Live track - the track doesn't "know" they are NRPNs, it just passes them on thinking there are you average flush of the toilet CC messages.