Clock drifts (again!)

    Aug 13 2011 | 12:29 pm
    Hi all,
    After having solved a *several*-months problem turning from Soundfower to Jack to avoid clock drifts ( which caused me a lot of crackles and pops after a while) you can imagine how happy I was few days ago to discover that clock drifts have returned since I started using transport to manage my rhythms. I'm really, really under a big problem for my patch needs to be ready very soon and I'm struggling to find a solution to avoid those crackles/pops which are happening again.
    Does anybody know how to fix it? Please please please!

    • Aug 16 2011 | 7:08 pm
      I have no idea what your patch is like so...
      - turn on audio interrupt, mess with vector size and all that.
      - increase your soundcards buffer size
      - try your patch on a more powerful comp (just to see)
      - check that it is 44.1 throughout or whatever SR you are using
      - maybe try making a phasor~ based clocking system
      - tie your system to an external clock like Big Ben or an MPC or something external (see if it helps)
      - turn off processes individually to see if it is any particular process is causing the problems.
      - turn off background processes on your computer - anti virus, bluetooth, wi-fi, updaters - everything that can be turned off.
      Nothing more helpful than that I am sorry.