closebang > pattrstorage > savedialog

    Feb 08 2006 | 10:15 am
    here's a strange behaviour with pattrstorage (on win xp and osx with max 4.5.6).
    The main idea is to use a loadbang and a closebang to recall and store the settings of a patch into a file located in the same directory as the patch itself.
    If there is no xml file (or the xml is too different than the patch settings) the attached patch will show a save dialog when you close it. The xml file will be saved even when this dialog is canceled.
    I don't know why this dialog shows up at all.
    I've found two modifications to avoid the save dialog: - remove the "r loadbang" inside the da_slots patcher (on windows it works immediately, osx-max needs to reload the patch) - or de-encapsulate the da_brain patcher inside the da_slots patcher
    I've tried it on one osx and two winxp systems. Can someone else confirm this? Have I patched something wrong?
    regards sam

    • Feb 09 2006 | 10:21 am
      I can confirm this under 4.5.6. My development version of pattrstorage doesn't feature this behavior, so I guess I fixed this bug... It will be released soon.
    • Feb 09 2006 | 10:34 am
      great news!! thanks Jeremy!