CNMAT Summer Workshops, update

    Jun 03 2010 | 10:12 pm
    UC Berkeley Summer Visitor Housing still has a few rooms available for $62 per night single or double - that's only $31 each per night if you share a room. There is limited availability, so visit their site asap for direct booking of your reservation:
    Learn Max/MSP/Jitter & Max for Live This Summer!
    CNMAT presents a series of summer workshops for students, artists, musicians and anyone interested in learning new software. This year we have completely redesigned our popular beginners and advanced courses to be more immersive. We will also be offering our week-long Jitter course, plus a redesigned workshop for developers wishing to learn how to code Max/MSP externals in C.
    * Max/MSP Day+Night School, July 26-30, 2010, 10AM-9PM: This intensive week of hands-on classes covers a wide variety of topics related to Max/MSP programming; features Max 5.0, Max for Live; instructors: John MacCallum, Michael Zbyszynski, Ali Momeni and other experienced teachers, fee: $750 * Developers Workshop for Max/MSP/Jitter Externals, August 2-6, 2010, 10AM-12, (12-1 lunch break), 1-3PM; features Max 5.0; instructor: John MacCallum; fee: $450 * Jitter Night School, August 2-6, 2010, 6-9 PM: This five-evening sequence of classes covers Cycling 74's Jitter environment and is designed for students with at least a basic understanding of Max programming; instructor: Andrew Benson; fee: $450
    What's New?
    * We've combined our previously separate Max/MSP workshops into one comprehensive format that suits all levels of student expertise, from beginner to advanced. Our new Max/MSP Day+Night School is organized as follows:
    July 26-30, 2010 10AM-12: Max/MSP for Beginners, Special Topics for Advanced Students 12-1: Lunch break 1-2:30: Max/MSP for Beginners, Special Topics for Advanced Students 2:30-5: Max for Live 5-6: Dinner break 6-9PM: Advanced Topics, Special Guests and Demos
    Why the new format?
    * Over the years we discovered many students who wanted more instruction, regardless of their level. Beginners wanted more exposure to advanced topics, and advanced students asked for more interaction with our instructors. In the new Day+Night School format, beginners can take the morning introductory sessions, then continue with the afternoon Max for Live and evening Advanced Topics presentations as they wish. More experienced students can use the day hours to interact with our instructors and explore special topics or review their own projects, then attend the general Advanced Topics session in the evening. Everybody gets more instruction!
    What about pricing?
    * As always, we try to keep our workshop fees as reasonable as possible. In past years the combined cost of Day+Night School would be $1000 ($550+$450)Šfor 2010 the total cost is only $750 for the entire week, including new instruction focused on Max for Live.
    How do I sign up?
    * Send an e-mail to, indicating which course (or courses) you are interested in. See you this summer at CNMAT!