cnmat's wacom disables left click

    Mar 01 2010 | 7:03 pm
    i have basically that little problem, i.e. when i use my wacom with the wacom object from the cnmat it works well, but when i stop polling, or sometimes even before stoping, i can't make a left click, whether be it from my mouse, or my trackpad, or my pen tablet ; and nowhere on my computer. I have to reboot to be able to left click again. i use the "nopointer" mode, cause i don't know how to use it otherwise. I'm working on a macbook, osX 10.4.
    Is that a known issue ? or is there another wacom wrapper wich is more reliable ?

    • Mar 28 2010 | 11:55 pm
      i would not seem to be insistant... doe anyone at least have an idea where i could expose that problem, maybe on an other forum more specific for wacom-and-max users ?
    • Mar 29 2010 | 7:42 pm
      i really don't know. maybe try other older wacom driver from the wacom driver web page. (J.M Couturier, the old wacom object developer, told me 2 years ago to use the driver 4.96-3) or more recent mac os. Are you sure you have the latest version of the object from cnmat ?
      > an idea where i could expose that problem maybe email to cnmat. (the wacom object is now developed at cnmat)
    • Apr 02 2010 | 2:23 pm
      thanks for answering ! cnmat objects i use are, i think, the latest version (or from a month ago). i will try that 4.96-3 driver. I got the newest one, for my os, which is osx 10.4, actually i don't remember and could verify if it was not a 10.5+-designed driver that i picked. And yeah i should probably e mail them but i'm a little shy so... and i thought they had some kind or forum or so...
    • Apr 02 2010 | 6:18 pm
      I'm sorry about this problem. I've run into it myself. Unfortunately, there is no ongoing maintenance of this object. It basically works so long as you stay in nopointer mode. Switching back and forth between using it as a mouse and pulling the data into the object is problematic. This is done with some proprietary Wacom code that hasn't been updated in a while. Luckily, neither has your operating system. I think if you get an older version of the object you might be happier.
      If I can provoke an update of this object, it will probably be directed towards 10.6 and the current Wacom driver.