coll, beats, samples, thoughts

    Apr 27 2006 | 11:11 pm
    'ello all, you might remember from last summer i was on here talking about randomly generated beats, you guys were very helpfull :) though i kinda gave up on it after a bit of sucses due to school. well im onto another project now. this time im trying to make a Wav editor that will alow the user to create new drum patterns out of drum samples they load in. so far i've used a Groove~ in conjunction with Info~ and Waveform~. i now have the editing capability i wan't but still have a long was to go. first problem is i need to be able to enter in sample legth commands on the fly without worrying about when i enter ( click mouse) the sample legth command. im thinking that i can do somthing with Coll drawing a blank. me and Zoid tried using a IF Than statment but its to slow and in acurate. im thinking i need to buffer the commands somhow so that they only come out on beat. also if any of you have any good refrences on this kind of thing please feel free to share. i'd be most greatfull. here's the patch as of yet
    thanks, joel

    • Apr 30 2006 | 4:57 pm
      couldn't get the probgate object going. is this of any use? it syncs up two files automatically