coll problem, OSX upgrade, serial and midi conflicts

    Jul 12 2006 | 1:54 pm
    dear list,
    battling with something probably easily solved,
    A "coll" object problem,
    I upgraded to OS 10.3.9, installed the java upgrade (additional upgrade),
    I have since encountered the following problem, when quiting max any coll
    object (in or
    out of sub-patch) will open as a featurless object, (no inputs/outputs) but
    will still be able to
    call a help file when alt clicking.
    Analyzer~ was showing up as bogus too. So I re-installed max and jitter,
    and the analyzer~
    problem has past, but "coll" still shows up without functions. This is only
    when quitting and
    trying to re-open the patch, if I fix, save and re-open without quitting it
    is fine.
    find nothing in postings,
    any help appreciated,
    Another question: serial, and midi conflict.
    This is an earlier post without answer, (sorry if I am crearting pollution)
    Using two usb to serial convertors to steer stepper motors, working fine for
    only when combining with midi output (going to Doepfer Ctm board) do I have
    conflicting tasks
    and hence a crash.,
    same, any help appreciated
    1.5 ghz G4 laptop,
    OS x 10.3.9,
    velleman usb to serial
    doepfer CTM on midi

    • Jul 12 2006 | 2:24 pm
      i had a similar problem do to a @#$@# quicktime upgrade.
      a colleague of mine had a similar problem with 10.4. the solution for
      both was to re-install the os with the friendly combo updater.
      in 10.3.9 i had to reinstall quicktime(6.x)and all my max stuff. i have
      now disconnected this machine from the internet and disabled all that
      @#$@#$ automatic update stuff. no more updates breaking my max box.
      if it aint broke, dont update it...
    • Jul 12 2006 | 4:17 pm
      yeah, I hear you,
      thing is after all upgrade and reinstallations I have such a standard object
      (coll) behaving odd,
      no idea how to treat this, means each time I'm opening my patch I have to
      reconstruct and connect the coll. Argg.
      Google earth was the motivation for an upgrade, this doesnt work anyway,
      @#$@# yes