coll to jit.cellblock refresh rate

    Apr 11 2006 | 10:21 pm
    Hi all, I am using jit.cellblock to display the contents of a coll. The coll is getting updated about 20x/sec, but I noticed that the jit.cellblock that refers to this coll is updated about 2x/sec. Is there any way to adjust this? A workaround is to resend the 'refer' message to the cellblock, but I am sure that's not terribly healthy, plus if there is color in the cells, you get little flahses as it is re-refering to the coll.
    Thanks, David

    • Apr 12 2006 | 12:18 am
      I've considered changing the refresh to be message-based (and I might still do this); however, I'm wondering what you are looking to do. If you are using output from the cellblock to run some part of a patch, you might want to use a jitter-specific cell lookup to get your information.
      [ddg] Darwin Grosse
    • Apr 12 2006 | 1:11 am
      it's mainly FYI for the user on a GUI for some functions. It would be great to make the refresh variable in some way! has my vote ;)
      Thanks for the reply.