[Collaboration] Avid Computer Vision and Jitter programer needed

    Jan 12 2010 | 2:14 pm
    I am looking for someone to collaborate with on a project that I am currently working on. The project is based around computer vision for live audio visual performance, and requires an in depth knowledge of jitter and the cv.jit objects. So far I have programed the patch myself, but feel it would be really beneficial to the project to have a more experienced Max/MSP and Jitter programer on board. I have lots of ideas for the project that I would like to implement quickly, but due to my my lack of technical knowledge cannot.
    Besides from this I think an online collaboration of sorts could be quite an interesting and fun way of working.
    Here is some information about the project with some links to my research and documentation of the projects exhibition.
    Research: http://alexanderthomas.wordpress.com/ [in need of an update]
    The Karman Cube is an intangible human computer interface for musical interaction. It aims to explore the body’s role in expressive sound production and manipulation through creating new and engaging virtual instruments that place the body at the center and focus for interaction. This project aims to engage an audience in the creation of music through subverting traditional musical complexity by providing a simple, intuitive and exploratory interface for musical creation. In doing so, the project invites creation and play over passive consumption.
    As a live performance the project aims to break down the performer - audience barrier that is often present within digital and laptop performances. It does this by creating a strong sense of audio visual correlation between the performers physical and gestural movement and the virtual objects that inturn control a number of musical parameters.
    This work has been exhibited, presented or performed at a number events throughout the U.K including:
    Ffotogallery, Cardiff. Arnolfini, Bristol. Chapter Arts Center, Cardiff. Bristol Festival, and Switch-Dialogue.
    I run an experimental/in development event in Bristol, UK called Dialogue where this piece has been exhibited in numerous stages of it life. Have a look at the site for more info.
    If you might be interested in collaborating on this project or want any more information on how this could work then please get in touch.
    Thanks for reading

    • Jan 12 2010 | 6:32 pm
      I forgot to mention that a number of funding opportunities are currently being looked into in support of the project, and these should be finalised within the next couple of months.
      All the best