collecting and sorting twitter data by time slots- using Max Msp?

    May 14 2013 | 5:51 am
    For a data visualisation class at uni, I am trying to collect all of the tweets in Sydney over a period of one week sorted into five minute timeslots (e.g. all of the tweets in Sydney from 9:05am-9:10am last tuesday in one group, all of the tweets from 9:10am-9:15am in another group etc...)
    It has been suggested to me to use Max Msp and something similar to this: using the twitter4j library, but I do not want to use any key words. I need to collect the data from each time slot and then see what keyword trends occured in that time.
    I have very limited knowledge of code or programming, so if anyone is able to help me out with a solution to this problem I would be extremely grateful!