Collective built doesn't accept js without .js...

    Mar 28 2007 | 9:38 am
    I tried to build a collective which contained a javascript. It was in an
    object box [js myparent]. This works fine in Max. But the built of the
    collective created an error message:
    error: can't open myparent to include
    Ok, I got back to my original patch and changed [js myparent] to [js
    Now the collective will build without error.
    I think the collective building process should accept the same as Max...
    I want to rely on running a patch in Max should also work as collective
    without change. This could lead to a nightmare on a big patch with lots
    of javascripts after months of developement it should be turned into a
    That I don't have to type the .js is convenient and enhances the
    readability of patches, but if it doesn't work in building collectives,
    standalones or plug-ins, I'd rather have an error message which forces
    me to type .js than accepting it and creating problems later.
    Solution: either force for typing .js (probably just with a warning,
    elsewise old patches will break), or the collective building process
    should accept the same shortened names as Max...
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