collision handing in javascript

    Feb 27 2012 | 5:04 am
    Is there a more elegant javascript way to get the body1 and body2 subkeys from the collision dictionary?
    In the example below, collision_names is an array containing all the collisions in which I'm interested. I create that array by concatenating the names of the two objects together in all permutations (ugh!). For any one of 10 objects hitting any one of 2 objects, that yields 40 potential names (10 x 2 x 2). It seems that Max doesn't makes two collision names for the same two objects...but I don't know which order that Max might concat it.
    Once I have that array, then when I get the collision dictionary out of the right outlet of, I send it to a js object containing this snippet of code...
    function collisions() { var d = new Dict(arguments[1]); var keys = d.getkeys();
    for (var a=0; a { if (collision_names.indexOf(keys[a]) >= 0) { post(keys[a]); post(); var subkeys = d.get(keys[a]); for (asubkey in subkeys) { var subd = new Dict(subkeys[asubkey]); post(subd.get("body1") + " hit " + subd.get("body2")); post(); } } } }