Color mapping grayscale (1 plane char) to color (4 plane char) aka False color

    Nov 19 2010 | 6:58 am
    Hi All -
    As part of a bigger patch (sound visualizer) I'm trying to map 1 plane FFT data to false color, via a lookup table stored in another matrix.
    Everything can be assumed to be char, so I'd have 256 input possibilities to 256 output possibilities.
    I'm either over or under-thinking the problem but either way don't have an answer.
    I've looked at jit.charmap, but it's not doing quite what I want...
    Any suggestions?
    I've also seen this referred to as "false color", and it's a technique often used to improve contrast/readability of thermal imaging, topo maps, pretty much anything 2d with 1 variable.
    Thanks! This has been bugging me for a bit :P

    • Nov 19 2010 | 7:39 pm
      jit.charmap is the way to go. post your patch and you might get some more advice.
    • Nov 20 2010 | 5:16 pm
      I needed exactly the same thing for my sonogram display but in float32.
      Here is the conversion part.