Colour and sound sequencing help needed

    May 06 2010 | 11:36 am
    I'm pretty new to Max and think i need a few pointers.
    I'm trying to create a patch where someone can select a colour from a pallet on a lemur and the colour selected will show on a projector and make a specific sound. To make it harder i would ideally like it so that as you moved your finger through the pallet the sound and picture would smoothly change into the next one so it's like a continuous flowing note/image.
    If you could advise me on how to go about creating this or have any pointers or anything at all it would be greatly appreciated

    • May 06 2010 | 12:56 pm
      Max/MSP/Jitter will certainly easily allow this type of tool to be realised, but apart from someone actually building a complete patch that does all this for you, there really is only one way to achieve this: by building and learning; break your interaction/feedback environment down into small manageable parts, and attempt to implement each one, slowly adding more complex input/output as you learn. If the Lemur is outputting midi or OSC data, you need to look at [midiin] or [ctlin] or [udpreceive]; for soundfile triggering you should look at [play~] [buffer~] and [sfplay~]; as for video control, Jitter is a closed book to me, but post on the Jitter forum and you might get help there.