compiler questions

    May 25 2006 | 12:38 am
    Hey gang --
    I'm getting ready to do some Windows hacking this summer, and I have some
    questions about compilers:
    1. In the past I've used cygwin, but I'd rather not have to deal with
    dragging around the cygwin1.dll any longer. Has anyone built externals
    using mingw? It also seems that cygwin has stopped developing, and mingw
    appears a bit more active.
    2. Anyone done much with the 'free' MS C/C++ compiler?
    3. Ditto for the Borland one?
    Bear in mind that I'm an old guy, and I actually enjoy coding using
    environments like vi + Makefiles. All these fancy IDE things give me the
    willies. Any recommendations are most welcome, though.

    • May 25 2006 | 4:50 am
      Hi Brad!
      Microsoft is actually giving away a version of Visual Studio. I've
      verified that it works for making Max externals. I know it's an IDE
      and you're a command-line guy, but I actually enjoy using it more than
      any of the IDEs I've used on the Apple side... but maybe that's
      damning it with faint praise! :)