complex ableton routing question

    Apr 13 2013 | 9:57 pm
    hi all.
    i have a question with a routing issue im having.
    i have audio 2 tracks which i use to resample vocals. they come from an external input, an internal vocal track and the 2 vocal resample tracks.
    to break it down:
    1. audio in needs to send directly into the resample tracks. 2. internal vocals clips need to send directly into resample tracks 3. each resample track needs to send to one another so i can resample from each into each.
    issues im having:
    1. audio in cannot send to another track unless monitor is in or auto.. i dont want this as i monitor my signal directly. i could have the input set to external in BUT this means i cant get each resample track to send to one another.
    2. the internal vocal clips track cant send to both resample tracks at the same time.
    any ideas on how to achieve this or can someone build me an audio routing max patch?

    • Apr 14 2013 | 11:07 am
      1) I think your understanding of the "monitor" concept is flawed. Think of it as "passes audio from input to output" - the output doesn't have to be a master you can hear.
      2) You're right, and a max patch can't fix that. You'll need intermediaries.
      I think this arrangement would help? (haven't tried it, just set it up)