compositing with alpha layer

    Apr 23 2006 | 3:02 pm
    i want to arrange a simple compositing of a background movie with an foreground movie which includes an alpha layer...
    i tried jit.alphablend but the objects of the foreground movie are becoming all transparent.
    i also thought about a jit.chromakey and "key" the alpha channel... also the jit.op object didn?t work for me...
    so you see i have no clue anymore...

    • Apr 23 2006 | 3:07 pm
      jit.alphablend does exactly what you are saying you want. perhaps you can explain it a little clearer?
    • Apr 23 2006 | 3:38 pm
      sounds to me like your foreground movie has no alpha layer, or a completely "black" one which results in everything being transparent... Maybe wrong export settings in the program you made in...needs to be 32 bit and actually contain something in its alpha layer...
    • Apr 23 2006 | 4:22 pm
      its really strange.
      i?m sure the foreground movie has an alpha layer. i reimportet the movie to check it in motion and after effects and both recognize the alpha layer.
      i render my foreground movie in apple motion 2. i export it in the Animation Codec in best quality and 16,7 million more option.
      in max I use now the alphablend object. the lighter parts of the foreground movie remain solid while the darker parts become more or less transparent...