Concatenating several matrices from an ArrayList

    Mar 19 2014 | 10:58 am
    Hello everybody, I am currently working on a project with a 3d laser scanner with a 270 degree scan angle. For each one of the passes of the scanner I am storing the data on a separate matrix using a java container (ArrayList). In order to reconstruct the data I am outputting the matrix one by one. However, in order to ease the process I would like to concatenate matrices with the following criteria: a)an offset b)a range
    Implementing this has been quite straight forward: public void flushMatricesOffset(int offset, int range){ for(int i=offset;i JitterMatrix m = (JitterMatrix)matrices.get(i); outlet(0,"jit_matrix", m.getName()); } }
    However I am finding difficulties how to concatenate each matrix to a single output matrix. My logic would be: 1-create a Jitter Matrix that would work as the final ‘output’ matrix 2-each iteration of the loop uses the variable m, a JitterMatrix, to hold temporarily the desired index of the container 3-the variable m is concatenated to the ‘output’ matrix. And so on for each pass.
    I have taken a look into the jit.concat object and seems to be the best option for this task? any suggestions of how to proceed?
    thank you very much!