Configuring presets?

    May 14 2010 | 9:35 pm
    Hey every one, I am trying to build in the reverberator example patch (code below) into another patch to use with live play back of audio files for looping. When I copy and paste the old reverb patch into the new one the presets do not though I am losing some info somewhere - is there something I am missing? Being relatively new to Max I have never configured preset info so am unsure where to look or sort this out... any hints? Many Thanks Nick

    • May 15 2010 | 11:38 pm
      never copy and paste [preset] when it has active stored settings. It won't work the way you would think. This should be in the docs, not sure if it is.
      Try this example: make a preset, hook to one number box, store a couple presets. Then copy/paste the pair. Lo and behold, the new preset controls the old number box!
      So if you're planning to copy/paste, just do it before you've stored anything, or use a "clearall" to start over with the new objects. You would think the new preset---still hooked to the new objects---would "transfer" the values, but it locks to the patch names of the objects, rather than what's happening visually.
      Also you need to watch out for adding connected objects after storing presets, they will have a value of "void" until the preset is saved again... in other words, they won't change or update their values. If needed (like if you have a hundred stored settings and want to add a new object) you can programatically load/re-store all of them with messages: int (to load), store $1 (to re-store the setting, now including the new object, at its current setting). [uzi] will make short work of this.
      At least that's my understanding, if there is more info I'd like to know. [pattr] is of course the next level for all this, but [preset] is also very useful, so having this info in the docs would be nice. It's kind of strange behavior...