constructing an IP address for udpsend in a standalone app

    Jul 24 2012 | 5:26 pm
    Hello all
    I'm sure there is some simple way to do this that I'm missing, but I thought I'd ask the community since I seem to be stuck... First some background on what I'm doing.
    I've been doing some standalone applications for a while for a series of works for solo instrument and playback. It is really basic stuff, the app plays the audiofile and clicktrack and the performer can mix what he/she receives in the headphone monitor. Then there is a simple UI where you can jump to rehearsal marks for rehearsal purposes and some other usefull things. The applications are designed so the performer can run the electronics totally by himself (even with limited technical understanding) and for that reason I made an iPad/iPhone remote with TouchOSC so the performer can operate the computer from the stage even if the computer located by the FOH mixer. All works really well and performers have been happy with this arrangement.
    I now want to improve the remote control and instead of just sending messages from the iPad/iPhone I also want to receive messages on the iPad/iPhone (i.e. a clock, bar numbers or whatever). I use the udpsend and udpreceive objects. My problem is this:
    The udpsend object needs the ip address of the iPad/iPhone. It needs to be entered as a first argument of the object or sent as a message: "host".
    So my question is: How can I allow the user to enter his/her IP address into a message and send to the udpsend object in a standalone application? I can't seem to construct a sequence of numbers with the dots inbetween. The IP address in TouchOSC on the iPad is grayed out and can't be changed so I guess I have to somehow enter that number into udpsend.
    Any ideas how I can do this?

    • Jul 25 2012 | 1:41 am
      aha... Solved, using a combination of pak and "tosymbol" to remove the spaces...