Continuing [pattr] adventures - float value injected into umenu?

    Mar 08 2013 | 11:43 pm
    The attached patcher and live device represent my strategy to store some information about live clips in a pattrstorage. Thanks to some excellent advice I got on this very forum, I was able to resolve previous pattr crash issues using autopattr. As may be seen in the live device, init works perfectly for length[n], the floats. However, somehow length values are being injected into umenu slots.
    Specifically what I need to do is
    1) use the textbutton at the top to start the initialization process 2)use the ubutton at the top to update a single pattrstorage preset 3) update the currently-recalled pattrstorage preset whenever I change one of the umenus
    Setting the umenus manually before init results in another crash.
    Sorry I'm not doing copy compressed, but it's a little too big for that
    Many thanks in advance