Control of a lightbulb (dimming) using M4L - Advice appreciated! Thx

    May 23 2010 | 10:07 am
    Hi Guys,
    I need to control a WOII lightbulb using M4L. What i would need the patch to do is to get sensor data (IR sensor) from a Teabox interface (incoming visitors are detected), send the data into M4L and trigger the bulb to dim to near absolute 0 light. This process would take Max. 5min.
    After 5min, the light is brought back to Max. intensity. If new visitors are coming in the space during this process, then nothing is triggered until the cycle of 10 min is completed.
    it could just run in cycles of 10 min, non-stop. Also possible.
    Question: Is this a good setup? Other ideas? Are there useful patches around which i could use? ...
    Other questions: what DMX and Dimmerbox would you guys recommend? Enttec??? Other ideas???
    Thanks to you all_!

    • May 25 2010 | 6:44 pm
      Im using the entec dmx usb pro and matt olafs external for it, though because I think there are way more efficient ways of shovelling lots of dmx data around and dealing with address etc - am consideing writing my own fixture orientated rather than universe orientated windows externals in c++ for it.
      Some of the devices I am doing with DMX can be seen here:
    • May 30 2010 | 7:16 pm
      Hi Khazul,
      Thx for your reply_ That's awesome what you're doing man_
      Khazul, i would really appreciate your advice on a few things;
      Context: art installation
      Light types: array of leds, vintage light bulb, neon light in the gallery space
      Control: *Bright white light leds in a square shape (40cmx40cm) - need to dim & strobo effect (ideally i can control every led separately - 20 to 40 leds needed. *15 watt vintage light bulb - need to dim *4 Neon lights in the gallery space - need to dim
      Sound: 3 tracks
      All aforementioned elements need to be cued to my needs, which is basically a cycle of max.15min where variations of patterns occur.
      I would like your advice on: * software * hardware
      Software: should i go for a DIY Max approach or would you suggest something like Qlab? It's also a matter of time and i don't have a lot to get things finished and working properly.
      Hardware: What kind of setup would you recommend for each element and the overall setup? Do you recommend Enttec hardware? How's your experience? Something else?
      Additional info: i am a mac person
    • May 30 2010 | 7:47 pm
      Check this out, some tutorials I wrote on using Jitter for storing/transmitting DMX data. Also has examples of four different externals you can use to send out DMX data.
      As well as that, if you're using M4L, take a look at my DMaX project for lighting control (which I believe Khazul based his patches on as they performed badly on his system).
      As for your specific situation. Dimming is easy, just get yourself a small portable DMX dimming unit, a cheap DJ type one would probably do.
      For the LEDs, if you want individual control of every LED in the system you may have to build something custom. Look into the arduino potentially, as they are easy to interface with Max, and then you can control it directly from there rather than going through DMX.
      You could use QLab (you'd have to program it to send MIDI messages to control lighting using Max or some other method) but if it's only three cues I don't think this would be too time-consuming to construct in Max and M4L alone.
    • May 30 2010 | 8:03 pm
      Thank you so much_ much appreciated_!!!
      Yeah, arduino looks like a potential candidate + M4L. I'll watch out for your DMaX project, it seems to develop in really cool and unpredictable ways ;-)))
      Cheers mate,