Control VLC via N4M script

    Mar 12 2021 | 8:33 pm
    Another fun little node tool for y'all, this time the almighty VLC media player is the object of our obsession. We leverage the apps built-in web server, and of course an npm library (vlc-client ) wrapped up in a simple n4m script and testing patch.
    Lots of functionality already exposed in script and patch, but of course more could easily be added, so check out the vlc-client documentation to see if there's anything missing you need, and feel free to issue a pull-request if you make something useful.
    happy patching!

    • Mar 14 2021 | 5:10 pm
      Hello Rob, Thank you for that bridge. (I hear James Brown asking for a bridge to the funky drummer)
      As i'm curious guy, i ran several vlc instance on OSX using the script available at and i was wordering if there could be a solution to talk to these different instances of vlc. For now i only achieved to talk to the first one opened. But again this is really cool!
      Merci Hubert
    • Mar 15 2021 | 8:09 am
      Using different IP ports for the VLC instances could be a solution. You can launch vlc with the --http-port option. On Max' side, you can create different VLC.Client with the right ports.
    • Mar 15 2021 | 6:20 pm
      yup that would be my suggestion as well. you could modify the node-script "connect" handler to take a port argument, something like this:
      connect: (portarg) => {
      	vlc = new VLC.Client({
      		ip: "localhost",		
      		port: portarg,
      		password: "vlc"