Controling Max4live

    Oct 31 2011 | 2:36 pm
    Hi guys! i just want to know if there are a posibility to control a Max4live patch with a midi controller, cuz y made a patch and y want to control some faders but i need to open the max patch outside live to control it. Thanks much!

    • Oct 31 2011 | 2:57 pm
      With midi mapping you can control the faders of an M4L device just like any other faders in Live.
    • Oct 31 2011 | 5:44 pm
      ja, i know what the problem was. I was using just max objects but if i want to control toggles inside live i need to use live objects ja. Thanks much!
    • Oct 31 2011 | 8:36 pm
      You can still use "old" max GUI object but you will have to "attach" them to a [pattr] and tweek a few attributes.