controling parameters of FM8 from max

    Oct 10 2013 | 5:22 pm
    I've been trying to sort my way through this for a couple weeks since it seems it shouldn't be too complicated but I'm still struggling so despite not being entirely germane to max, I'm posting this here: I'm simply trying to control/automate parameters of FM8 through max -- it's easy enough to send pitch information to FM8 either running alone or in Logic but what I'm really interested in is controlling parameters like filter cutoffs etc. Following some tutorials, ( I've been able to get the numbers I need to identify the specific parameters, but these are above 128 and from some posting on a Logic forum it seems this is a technical limit of the system, that there is no real workaround to this approach in Logic. So here I am. Is there some way to approach this that I haven't considered? I'm not at all attached to using Logic, it's just the DAW I have and am familiar with.