controller PATCH HELP

    Dec 10 2013 | 10:32 pm
    Hello all,
    I am new to max am i have made a patch for the intended use with three xbox controllers. The first controller (controller 1) is used for drums and live drum sequencing.
    The controller (Mad cat Controller) is used to create synth sounds in a live manner.
    The controller 2 is the effects controller and is supposed to take the output from both the synth and the drums in order to add an effects such as delay, real time, time stretch, simple cycle modulation and reverb to the sounds created. all patches work on there own and the drums and synth work together. However, i am having trouble getting the synth and drum controller patches to channel successfully through the effects controller patch to a final output. I have attached the total combined patch so anyone is welcome to have a look and any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

    • Dec 11 2013 | 1:08 am
      For me personally I'd need you to clean up your patch before I can help, I think. I know you've routed all the patch-cords, but it's still REALLY enormous, for one; lots of cables running on top of each other, that sort of thing.
      There's also a VAST amount of UI objects, many of which I suspect of only being readouts with no real use. I think if you trim those things away, and clean up the wiring properly the problem might actually reveal itself to you as well as us.