controlling a dae/collada model with "pre-baked" animation via

    Feb 05 2015 | 9:53 pm
    Hi all, Need some advice. I have a fairly complex model of a fish. Model made in maya with a lovely animation loop, exported as dae/collada file, and imported into Max via Loading a single model works great, but as I load more copies via separate my frame rate suffers (not surprisingly given the complexity of the model/animations).
    Before I go back to my modeler, I've been looking how I might tackle this in Max. is the obvious choice. I can control translation and rotation (which I need) but don't seem to have any way of controlling the animations. I would need to control the rate for each independently at some point, but for now would be happy if I could get them to simply play their animation.
    Has anyone tried to do something along these lines in Max? Or are there other platforms/environments that might be better suited, and have Max do the control? (e.g. Blender)?
    Any advice greatly appreciated. Patch to get the conversation started below using "seymour.dae" which is part of the max distro (which has animations built in...see help).
    Thanks, David

    • Feb 05 2015 | 10:01 pm
      unfortunately, does not work with animated models in this way. there is a long standing feature request to make this work, but it hasn't happened yet.
      in max, your only option for managing multiple instances of animated models is poly~ or js.
      you can try different @cache_mode settings to improve your FPS, and definitely use @material_mode 3 rather than fixed function shading.