controlling attributes of QT movie

    May 13 2006 | 10:58 pm
    Hi, I have a small patch, which I have attached to this message in ‘txt’ format.
    I’m basically attempting to create a performance that involves playing a classical guitar piece into a microphone, which is connected to the MAX patch. I want to activate a quick time movie once some input is detected (this is working), however, I would live this activation to occur one I have played a particular frequency on the guitar. At the moment it the quick time file begins once any sound is detected but it would be great to control this by making it activate only once certain frequencies are detected.
    The second even I would like to activate is the controlling of various attributes of the video, in particular the hue, saturation based on the DB level of the inputted sound. Again I’d like to be able to set some parameter here. Perhaps the saturation might change between a certain DB level?
    If anyone has time to take a quick look at my patch and advice me that would be great! I’m new to MAX and so I’m struggling. Maybe it’s not possible to do what I’m attempting to do?