Controlling multiple synth and receive feedbacks

    May 08 2013 | 9:17 pm
    Hello !
    I'm a beginner but I want to design a max device to control multiple synth on my ableton live session and I also want to be able to set up the knobs of this design device when I'm going to change preset in every synth. Is that possible? I you've got any idea that would be so great! I mean just for one knob for example....
    So to understand well my issue, here's what I wanna do: In my ableton live session I've got 8 synth (such as Minimonsta, Diva, CS-80, ...). I need a max window where I can control every knobs of those midi synth. And when I change a preset to another in one synth I need this max window and every knobs to update instantly...
    I hope I explaned myself well. Many thanks for your help!
    Bertrand from France.