Controlling specific device paramters regardless of ID

    Sep 20 2013 | 9:39 pm
    I want to be able to control a device parameter from my max patch, regardless of its id. Right now, to control an effect's parameter, I used the M4L device parameter name abstraction to get the device ID, store that in a message box and loadbang to a remote to assign control.
    The problem is that the ID might change, and, if I brought my live patch into a new live set, the ID for the effect would be different.
    I am creating an audio effect rack, which I will put on each track (renamed audio effect 1, audio effect 2) and I want sliders in my patch to control the macro knobs. Because the abstractions do not accept symbol input, it seems the only way I can choose what the sliders in my max patch control is to use the abstraction umenu's individually, which would take time if I have the racks with 8 macro knobs each.
    Are there any ways to make it so, as long as the device rack has a name, its parameters will be controlled my maxpatch sliders (regardless of where in the set it is?)