convert 2 char matrix to 4 char (maxmsp 5)

    Aug 12 2012 | 1:13 pm
    Hey all,
    looking for a bit of help...
    Im trying to add one external object to another (see patch) but the colorising doesnt seem to work...
    I know the output from (left) X-ray.water seems to be a 2 char matrix output.
    the au.neon only accepts 4 char 2d inputs...
    I guess i need to somehow multiply the 2char to a 4 char... I think :/
    I tried to make the "jit.matrix x" a 4 char and it doesnt work..
    I have tried using the jit.pack to add the 2 char info from "jit.op" to all 4 inputs and feed that to the au.neon object and doesnt work.
    looked for solutions but cant seem to find what i am looking for...
    if someone could please help me with the solution to outputting the info from the jit.op to the au.neon (where the red comment box is) I would be most grateful as so far im just confusing myself!!!
    xary externals are here
    auvi externals can be found here
    patch is here:

    • Aug 12 2012 | 6:36 pm
      last post didnt work... used wrong terms... was looking to create a 4 plane 2 char output from the jit.op object... that was outputting 1 plane
      its fixed and working now by making a "jit.matrix 4 char " object...
      feel like such a noob with a k... and one o...