convert midi cc to midi note / velocity

    Jul 08 2011 | 3:59 pm
    hey everyone. I'm stuck in a problem that i've posted about before - sorry the spamming of the forum. I've been spending a few days on this problem, and i'm getting really sick of it.
    I have to sync a quicktime movie with a midi sequencer. So, the [seq] is too slow, and i've found the [mxj midifile], but it seems that it only reports midi note / velocity info. Now the midifile i want to sequence is kind of big, (and i used midi cc messages) so it will take forever to create every little change as a midi note on, so I ask for your help.
    Is it possible in any way to convert midi cc to midi note/velocity, keeping the timing. In that way I can use the [mxj midifile] to sync with my video, and everyone is happy!