Convert movement of a video into variable sound frequencies (hz) HELP!!!

    Feb 13 2012 | 7:32 pm
    I'm posting this because I an very new to Max and I couldn't find answers to my questions. Sorry for my English, this is not my first language.
    Here is my project: Convert movement of a real-time video into variable sound frequencies(Hz). So this way, more there is movement in the video, more the frequency level (hz) is higher. I am actually using a pictslider that uses data from my webcam, positionning the subject with a knob. I connected to it a filtergraph and a noise generator. This is working, as I move the knob in the pictslider, I can ear different pink noises. Please note that I used maxpats from cycling74 toolbox, I did not created them, I just connected them each other.
    The problem is: 1-I think that the filtergraph is setted to output different ranges of EQ, but I want it to output different frequencies from 20hz to 15 000 hz. 2-I would like to create a smooth sliding sound, nothing with pink noise.
    I think I have to create my own synth to generate that sounds, but I am new in Max and I don't even know how to create a synth.
    If somebody can give me clues for doing it all, it would be very appreciated!!!

    • Feb 13 2012 | 10:33 pm
      i don`t know exactly what you mean
      (different ranges of EQ, but I want it to output different frequencies??? smooth sliding sound, nothing with pink noise??????)
      but did you go through the included jitter tutorials? for example take a look at jitter tutorial 25. it`s not exactly what you want but maybe points you in the right direction!? i really also recommend the cv.jit library (its a 3rd partie library). but probably i think its better to learn about all the included objects first, before starting with additional ones. it may take some time til you get your head around the whole system, but its definitely worth it.
      happy patching!
      (sorry don`t have the time to look at your patch)
    • Feb 14 2012 | 11:05 pm
      Hello Stoersignal,
      Sorry if you did not understand what I was trying to say, I know my english is real bad. And also I am very new to max. But I'm quite certain that if you'ld have looked at my patch you would have understood better.
      What I want to do, is to film in real-time the activity(movement) in a particular space (room) and that differents frequencies plays depending of the amount(quantity) of movement in this room.
      I finally got help from somebody I know who is really good with max and he fixed my patch!!! take a look to this. this is exactly what I wanted. Thanks to him.
    • Feb 14 2012 | 11:28 pm
      ok, clear! but maybe it`s really a good idea to take a look at cv.jit! i started with max with a very similar idea: motion tracking to make sound :-) and cv.jit helped me a lot. most of the stuff as i said you can do with included objects but with this lib you can go far beyond much more easily. when you are satisfied with your patch, ok. but if you want to go further:
    • Apr 13 2016 | 2:08 pm
      I am doing something very similar and this has helped me a lot, but could you explain the "p mouvement" function? There is nothing on the help or documentation for it.
      The sounds are also not working, could this be the reason?