Converting Raw MIDI to MSP for jit.vcr recording with quicktime video

    Jun 26 2011 | 1:34 am
    Hi All,
    I'm trying to get raw midi data from a digital piano (MIDI-enabled) recorded with a video. From what I've read through the forums, the way to do this is with jit.vcr. However, I'm running into issues getting the patch to work because I'm not sure how to get the sound converted to MSP audio for the jit.vcr object. I've had luck recording the video alone with jit.qt.record, but can't seem to get the jit.vcr object working. Any tips or suggestions? I'd greatly appreciate it.

    • Apr 24 2013 | 5:16 am
      Just ran into the same problem...
    • Apr 24 2013 | 6:21 pm
      jit.vcr records MSP audio signals and 4 plane char jit.matrix data. so no, you need another solution to record midi info. checkout the seq object.
    • Apr 26 2013 | 12:04 am
      Hi Rob, Thanks for your response. Yeah seq would let me record the midi events but, from what I understand, if I send the midi events to a noteout object there is no straightforward way to recapture the audio signal and record it as the soundtrack to a series of jitter matrices. Correct?
      Of course I could drive an MSP synthesizer with the midi events instead. Then I could use jit.vcr. -Adam
    • May 02 2013 | 12:00 am
      Look to Soundflower (Mac) or Jack (Windows). I haven't tried them but they let you route MIDI and audio between applications. You should be able to send the MIDI to a dedicated synth program, the pipe the audio back to Max. Not sure about latency though.