cool interfaces for shutteling through video?

    Aug 20 2013 | 6:48 pm
    hi, this time i have less of a technical but rather creative question: i work on a quite elaborate installation where the user can shuttle/scratch/jog around in a video feed of about one hour. my current user interface is a jogshuttle (contour shuttle express) but i found that this is too little self explanatory (two wheels: one jogs, one shuttles, ...) and as well just makes too little fun playing around with. which is why i am looking for alternatives.
    currently i am thinking about: - sticking with the jog/shuttle concept but to build two large and heavy metal wheels entirely from scratch (controlled via arduino). - using a turntable in connection with ms pinky (which would be perfect in a lot of ways but introduces an association to dj-culture i'd rather avoid). - using a giant slider, something like this: (which is cool but makes it hard to just play the video at steady speed) - i thought a lot about stuff like too, but i feel at least in my context (shutteling/jogging/scratching through video) it's too little self explanatory either and as well not precise enough.
    well... problem is, i'm not entirely happy with any of these options why i thought i maybe should just ask around. the way the shutteling/jogging/scratching works is very precise but at the same time really speedy so there are little limitations. anyone any input on cool interfaces which would make sense for this sort of application?
    as always, thanks a lot for all input! k