cosmetic scripting bugs

    Feb 15 2006 | 10:22 pm
    I think these bugs are windows-only...
    when scripting a variable inside a bpatcher, using "script var show" / "script var hide" -> thispatcher there are 2 problems:
    - the scripted object gets drawn completely, without considering the bpatchers dimensions. So if it sticks out it gets drawn outside the bpatcher box.
    - layering is gone. If the named variable is covered by other objects (like a panel background) it gets drawn at the top layer, covering everything.
    using javascript I've always run into the following bug:
    - scripting new (non-ui) objects inside an abstraction with the patcher window closed, draws all of the object text in the wrong place (on top of everything else) This only occurs the first time when you open the window of the abstraction that just scripted the objects. If you script the same objects inside a subpatcher, or in the same abstraction but with it's window opened at scripting time, everything is fine. - The same goes for setting the object.rect[x, x, x, x] attribute when scripting. It only works when creating objects in a subpatcher or when the abstraction's window is open.
    I hope I'm being clear...otherwise I'll make example patches.
    winmax 4.5.6