Crash when saving Max 6.1.1 patch containing JS object

    Apr 05 2013 | 3:17 am
    I'm already following this up with Cycling '74 support, but thought I'd throw the question out in-case someone has had a similar problem.
    Whenever I have a patch open that contains a non-empty [js] object, and I save the patch Max crashes. It only occurs when the patch is saved, not when the object is created. Javascript files can be saved from within the internal JS editor fine, the only problem is when the Max patch is saved.
    Patches crash-on-save even if I copy/paste a JS object from a Max tutorial patch. So it's not my extremely inefficient coding that's blowing shit up.
    As a work-around, I keep a patch with only a [r toJS] and a [s fromJS] object. Every time I load up the patch I create the [js] object and just hide the window so I don't accidentally Ctrl-S. But obviously this isn't the best solution.
    I'm on Windows 8, 64-bit. Max 6.1.1
    Any ideas or similar issues?
    Cheers in advance. Chris.

    • Apr 10 2013 | 1:27 am
      Okay, I'm not sure if many other people were having the same problem, but it seems that the latest patch (6.1.2) has fixed the issue. You can all rest easy now ;)