crashes > changing matrix name inside a pfft~

    Sep 25 2010 | 6:09 pm
    I'm experiencing crashes if I change the "matrix_name" of the two jit.poke~ inside the first pfft~ (fftin~) and inside the second pfft~ (fftout~). I change also the "name" of the jit.matrix outside the pfft~ and everything happens simultaneously...the new name is the same for all the objects...The patch crashes after a while and so I don't understand where is the problem. Has anybody experienced the same issue? or does anybody know if this is related to a conflict? Thanks

    • Sep 28 2010 | 8:11 pm
      For them who are interested in this issue, I got in touch with the cycling74 support and he pointed out that something is amiss with jit.poke and jit.peek inside a pfft~ Therefore I must do some correction/resume about my above crash description:
      >first: I use jit.poke~ inside the first pfft~ to write my audio signal into a matrix and make the fftin >second: I have my jit.matrix outside the pfft~ in my main patch for storing all the spectrum data >third: I use jit.peek~ inside the second pfft~ to read the matrix data and complete the fftout >fourth: changing simultaneously the name of jit.poke~, jit.peek~ and jit.matrix crashes MAX/MSP
      After reading in the Computer Music Journal the great article of Jean-François Charles I started to work in this direction involving spectrum and his transformation in real time performances and recently I found a way to quickly use/update/store/change data into multiple matrix in real time. The job is greatly done changing simultaneously the name of the objects involved reducing the expensive CPU use of many pfft~ or various jit.op/jit.expr. Ok…that's not a big discovery but is really performative and at a minor use of CPU. The issue is that after an indefinite amount of time MAX/MSP crashes and I can only make suppositions about that… With a different approach it's possible to avoid crashes but at a double cost of CPU for this task. Here is my patch easy to use/understand; for them who are interested to find a solution to the crash problem it will be needed to change both the pfft~ with Z-IN/OUT included in the folder.