Crashing aka.speech / possible message ordering

    Jun 28 2012 | 7:51 am
    Hi everyone, I'm building a pretty big patch which involves the use of aka.speech to read a variety of messages coming into the patch but am experiencing problems - after a while the patch will crash and I've narrowed it down to the aka.speech object. Essentially I want to the messages to keep playing and so the bang from when the last message has finished is sent to trigger the next message to be picked and read - one message goes to the aka.speech and the other to a gl window for rendering on screen. It seems I have a problem in my patch and I think it might be when the a message finishes and a bang doesn't go off (for some reason??)... I had to build a clocker object to trigger a bang to send a new message if the patch was silent for too long but after a while, eventually, it always crashes...My message ordering is messy, could this be the problem?? Or it might just be that aka.speech is buggy and crashes....
    Any help, suggestions, fixes, alternatives would be much appreciated as I need to run this in a gallery setting for hours at a time. Bests N