Create M4L drum rack that can send midi to other drum rack

    May 13 2019 | 7:35 am
    As the title says, I'm trying to send midi from one drum rack to another drum rack directly. I'd like to avoid creating an IAC driver if possible. In my specific case, I will always be ending to the same midi track that is also connected to a Push 2. Is it possible within the live.path API to connect a pad from a drum rack directly to a pad in another drum rack? Said in another way, is it possible to do something similar to putting an external instrument on a drum pad where instead of seeing external MIDI outputs I can see the midi outputs that will route to other MIDI tracks?

    • May 13 2019 | 8:50 am
      just set the MIDI IN of the second drum rack to the first drum rack?
    • May 13 2019 | 3:56 pm
      Thanks for the reply. As I mentioned, the second drum rack is also connected to a Push.
    • May 15 2019 | 10:27 pm
      Game changer:
      I created a send and receive for midi and a wet/dry chain in the receive to be able to get both Push and the dummy drum rack. Works perfectly.